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Abbotsford Convent
1 St Heliers Street
Abbotsford, Victoria 3067 Australia

(03) 9415 3600
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Longing + Forgetting

Matt Gingold and Philippe Pasquier
Presented by Centre for Projection Art

“Longing + Forgetting” explores the ways in which machines are ascribed intelligence, whilst humans are increasingly treated like machines. Combining physical and algorithmic choreography with architectural projection, the work questions the relationship between the inanimate and the animate: how are our bodies measured and controlled by the structures of technology? And what traces do our bodies leave on the structures around us?

“Longing + Forgetting” combines these histories of optical control and filmic expansion of the body, extending it to the architectural scale. Both critiquing and using machine learning, we wanted to create a work that animated architectural dance through projection technologies, but also evoked an immediate, emotional and embodied response.

“Longing + Forgetting” is a collaboration between media artist Matt Gingold, Philippe Pasquier, a world leading expert in machine learning and director of the Metacreation Lab, and Thecla Schiphort, a pioneer of digital choreography who co-created Lifeforms, the choreographic software used by Merce Cunningham.


Director: Matt Gingold
Sound Design: Philippe Pasquier
Choreography: Thecla Schiphorst
Set Design: Greg Snider
Associate Producer: Kristin Carlson
Lighting Design: Ben Rogalsky
Editing & Animation: Josh Burns & Matt Gingold
Code Development: Matt Gingold
Performers: Shannon Cuykendall, Matt Duncan, Sarah Fdili Alaouim, Meghan Goodman, Marcus Marshall, Joshua Ongcol, Priya Rajaratnam, Bladimir Santos Laffita, Nathalie Sanz, Cara Siu, Yawen Wang, and Martin Wong.

Image credit: “Longing + Forgetting” (2013-2023), Matt Gingold and Philippe Pasquier. Photo courtesy of the artists.

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Matt Gingold is a transdisciplinary artist weaving together audiovisual installation, performance and critical theory. Their practice focuses on creating intimate experiences of – and with – technology. Gingold is inspired by critical research into science, the ai/aes/ethics of digital cultures, trans/mad/ness and non/human complexity. Recently Matt has completed a Graduate Certificate of AI (Deakin University, 2020), co-created Transitions in collaboration with Nathan Thompson for the Fremantle Biennial (2021) and undertook an 18-month residency at SymbioticA as part of the Australia Council’s Arts and Disability Mentorship Initiative (2021-2022).

Philippe Pasquier is a multidisciplinary media artist, a researcher, an educator, and a community builder based in Vancouver (Canada). He is a Professor at Simon Fraser University’s School for Interactive Arts and Technology, where he directs the Metacreation Lab for Creative AI. He is pursuing a multidisciplinary research-creation program focused on generative systems and applied AI for creative tasks. The Metacreation Lab artistic work has been shown in prominent venues on six continents, including at Ars Electronica (Austria), Centre